Cabinet Back Panel – 3/8’’ Panel With 3/4’’ Frame.

Drawer Face – 3/4’’ Solid Wood.

Drawer Box – 3/4’’ Thickness Made Of 11 Layers Plywood With Dove-tail Construction (Solid Wood Drawer Box Available).

Hinges 180 Degree Full Opening Stainless Steel Hinges.

Door 3/4’’ Solid Wood.

Adjustable Shelves 3/4’’ Thickness  Made Of 11 Layers Plywood.

Cabinet Side Panel 3/4’’ Thickness Made Of 11 Layers Plywood.

Cabinet Bottom & Top Panel -- 3/4’’ Thickness Made Of 11 Layers Plywood.

Rails 18’’ Stainless Steel Full Extension Rails (Soft-close Rails Available)..

Toe Kick 3/8’’ Thick Of Plywood.

European Frame Less Construction.


Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing nothing but bare walls and lonely appliances. Imagine your utensils, dishware, pots, pans and silverware strewn all over your kitchen without any organization. Not only would the kitchen look messy, but you would also have a very difficult time finding anything. For that reason, and many more, at Panda Kitchen and Bath we understand that having kitchen and bathroom cabinets is very important because they add to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom design and they bring organization and storage capabilities to rooms. Most importantly, it is an investment in your home, which by all counts, adds the greatest value to your property.

At Panda Kitchen and Bath, we offer a wide selection of high quality natural wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets in many styles, colors, and sizes. We know that having a large selection to choose from will allow you to pick the best item to suit your taste and design needs.